Integrate accounting, production and operational data

PetroBase Pro

PetroBase Pro, an oilfield management software, integrates accounting, production, and operational data at an affordable price. Combination of all data types creates an environment for powerful analysis enabling solutions to be determined effortlessly and decisions arrived at efficiently. Workovers can be identified, operational anomalies diagnosed, and the learning curve of new employees is reduced. The use of record set attachments will virtually digitize your well files.

Gauge reports are electronically loaded with ease to capture daily oil & gas production, barrel test, tank runs, and SWD volumes. Information is shared company-wide the moment it is loaded. Through remote connections, field personnel have access to all information, further strengthening the decision process.

PetroBase Pro eliminates duplicate entry, allowing information to flow seamlessly from one part of an organization to the next. Managers, engineers, geologists, foreman, and support staff share the same data to complete the task at hand. Engineers have integrated expense, operational, and production reports. Owners and managers can obtain snapshot overviews to get a company-wide perspective and foreman have access to wellbore diagrams and history reports. Support staff can email progress reports with ease to partners and complete other administrative tasks.

Oil & Gas operators are constantly faced with problems and not enough time to address them. With ever shifting playing fields, the fundamental goals have remained the same, optimize operations by reducing costs and improving recovery. Operational data is an essential asset to all companies and ultimately better data management leads to superior business performance.

PetroBase Pro Components

Well Histories

  • Drilling / Workover / Progress Reporting
  • Historical Operating Reports
  • Wellbore Diagrams and Schematics
  • Failure Tracking (Downhole & Surface)
  • Chemical Treatments & Failure Analysis
  • Engineering Lease summaries
  • Lease & Well equipment Inventories


  • Lease Lifting Cost Analysis
  • Well Lifting Cost Analysis
  • Summarized & Detailed Expense Reporting
  • Chemical Cost Analysis
  • Economic Profitability Analysis
  • Cashflow Projections


  • Production Plots
  • Daily or Monthly production surveillance
  • Salt Water Disposal and Injection Surveillance
  • Production Statistics
  • Decline Curve Analysis
  • Gauges v. Sales analysis
  • Regulatory Filings
  • Production Lease and Well allocations

PetroBase Pro is ideal for...


Direct access to the three pillars of production data, accounting detail, and well histories generating a complete analysis for effective and streamlined decisions.
  • Direct Access To Well Histories, Production Data, & Accounting Detail
  • Quickly Perform Chemical & Failure Analysis With Ease
  • Integrate All Operational Data Types Into A Single Source
  • Streamline Operational Decisions


Access to all vital pieces of information that will benefit the development and exploration process.
  • Review Completion Histories
  • Quantify Cumulative And Current Producing Rates
  • Perform Decline Curve Reservoir Analysis
  • Export Proprietary Well & Production Data


Access to easily understood daily gauge files. Our Pumper II package eliminates the emailing of multiple files and the use of templates. Save time and reduces errors through the transfer of production and stock values.
  • Save Time On Lease Reporting
  • Access To Simple Yet Intuitive Gauge Sheets
  • Automatically Generate A New Month’s Gauge Sheet
  • Eliminate Emailing Gauge Sheets To Operators

Field Personnel

Share real time operation information such as well tests and fluid levels. Pulling unit operators have direct access to the Down Report and more allowing prioritization of daily activities.
  • Prioritize Daily Activity With Failure And Down Reports
  • Share Field Activity In Real Time
  • Enter Field Data For Office Personnel With Ease
  • View Production And Operational Histories


Easy to use tools to share information and collaborate with office personnel. Historical operating reports, wellbore diagrams, and failure analysis will save time and eliminate duplicated efforts. Access to lifting costs information strengthens decision making at the field level.
  • Collaborate With Office Personnel To Support Field Decisions
  • Observe Daily Production Values
  • View Failure Analysis and Operational histories
  • Evaluate WellBore Diagrams / Schematics

Administrative Personnel

Save time, eliminate duplicate data entry, and stale files. Production and additional vital data are loaded electronically form Pumper II. Regulatory filings can be performed effortlessly. Streamline email reports to partners and the allocation of production.
  • Eliminate Duplicate Data Entry And Save Valuable Time
  • Electronically Load Accounting Data And Allocate Production
  • Perform State Regulatory Filings Effortlessly
  • Email Reports To Partners Including Their Interest